Energy Exercises

One of the most powerful set of skills a person can learn is how to keep themselves healthy. We all know that physical activity is good for our health but many people find it difficult to fit conventional exercises into their daily routine. Over the years I’ve learned specific exercises that can strengthen your constitution and improve your energy.

I can work with you and teach you a specific routine that you can easily fit into your life. I may choose components of your routine from the following disciplines:


These are energy exercises that are done in slow motion – most people would recognise the movements as being like Tai Chi. They use mindful movements and breathing exercises to strengthen both mind and body. I use a form of Qigong called Shibashi which strengthens and harmonises all the organs of the body. The 18 movements in Shibashi are easy to learn and are done while standing.

Makka-Ho Stretches

These were developed in Japan to stimulate all the organs and meridians in the body. The 6 stretch positions are very simple to learn and are mostly done sitting on the floor.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

This is a gentle form of Tai Chi with warm up exercises that are adapted to support people suffering with arthritis or back pain

Cross-crawl exercises

These were developed to help left/right brain coordination. These can help your concentration and mental capacity as well as helping with your overall wellbeing.

Jiggy Break

This is a 2-minute routine I developed to be done in the workplace. It improves your flexibility and concentration and reduces unnecessary stress put on the body by sedentary work.