Mind/Body Service

You might be wondering what I mean by a Mind/Body Service.

To help make things clearer let’s use the example of a car…

A car is a vehicle that we want to reliably and safely take us where we want to go. It’s a given that a car needs regular servicing to keep it running well. A service also detects problems before they happen. For example, if the brake pads are worn, they get changed for ones that will work properly – before the car has to crash to a stop.  This is common sense and common practice.

pain in neck posterSimilarly your body is a vehicle that you want to reliably and safely take you where you want to go. With constant use and misuse it gets ‘out of kilter’ and starts complaining when you ask it to do things. The complaints come in the form of various symptoms like tiredness, aches, pains, etc. Many of these are caused by chronic tensions that gradually build up over time.

My treatments help your body release those chronic tensions that lead to ill health

My Clients bring their body to me for a regular ‘service’ so they can prevent more serious dis-ease and get back to tip-top performance. To me and my regular clients this is just common sense. Although it’s uncommon practice – as most people wait for their body to crash completely before taking it for expert help.

Look after your body – it’s the only place you’ve got to live

What about your mind?

  • Is it clear and sharp?
  • Are you motivated and focussed on doing what’s important each day efficiently and effectively?

I give my clients a constructive space where they can empty their busy minds, better organise their thoughts and put a clearer plan together.

I can help you see what you need to do to reduce your stress level and be more effective with less effort.

A clear sharp mind requires you to have a healthy functioning body

The two can’t be separated. Your mind and body will benefit greatly from having a good ‘listening to’ by somebody who has the knowledge and experience to help you improve things.

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