Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the study of how language affects our behaviour. It allows us to understand how our mind actually works so we can work with it rather than against it. It can be used to change unwanted habits and patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us. It’s great for getting rid of fears and phobias, for improving confidence and motivation, and for optimising our performance.

One of the great things about making changes using NLP is that it’s so much fun. Once you’re aware of how your mind has been working you can easily spot the unhelpful patterns and replace them with how you actually want to respond to situations.

I’ve been helping clients using NLP since I first trained with Dr. Richard Bandler in 1997. It enabled me to understand that a persons mind can interfere with their ability to heal and move forward in life. Our bodies are wonderful self healing systems and our mental habits can either help or hinder this process.

Combining NLP with the hands-on therapies ensures that both your mind and body are working together to reach optimum health.