My Toolbox

If you’re looking for someone who specialises in just one therapy, then I’m not the practitioner for you.

Over the 20+ years that I’ve been practising holistic medicine, I’ve gathered many useful and effective tools to help my clients get better.  This means that I have many possible solutions to your niggly problems.

The approach I use will depend on who you are, how you are and what your preferences and needs are. I offer treatments that are ‘designed to fit you’ each and every time that you visit.

Sometimes you might need to talk. Other times you might just need to lie down, be quiet and let me work at releasing tensions from your body. Most times there’ll be a combination of both.

When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail

I work in several ways with clients, both ‘hands-on’ bodywork therapy and ‘hands free’ talking therapy. Alongside these I may also use Scenar or Energy Exercises to help speed up your recovery.